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IIDEA highlights benefits of valuable agave plant

The exhibitor will bring to BIOFACH AMERICA LATINA 2017 - BIO BRAZIL FAIR 2017 the organic sweetener produced mainly in Mexico in accordance with the highest industry standards and support of internationally recognized certifications.

IIDEA will participate at Bio Brazil Fair to strengthen its relations and to search for new consumers in Brazil. During the fair, the company presents its organic sweetener produced with agave.

The organic Agave Sweeteners and fibers are the perfect option to replace the regular sweeteners like sugar and artificial sugar substitutes. They are completely natural and provide nutrients to our system and various health benefits
The agave syrup is a natural Organic Sweetener that accentuates and enhances the taste of food. It highly sweetens without disguising the flavors. It is used in beverages, fruit products, bakery, cereals, dairy and other industries.

It contains between 70 and 77% fructose. it intensifies the natural flavor of the ingredients, it is 25% sweeter than refined sugar and has a low glycemic index, which means that everyone can consume it.

The sweet powder is rich in fibers, enhances flavor, has a low glycemic index, is highly soluble and 30% sweeter than refined sugar. It is also popular on industries such as bakery, food, beverages, and dairy.

While the Agave Inulin is a prebiotic that belongs to the class of fibers known as fructans extracted from the Blue Agave plant. As a dietary fiber, it improves the intestinal transit, reduces glycemic response, and supports healthy cholesterol.

Some of the benefits found in this product will help to promote the normal cholesterol, works as a substitute for fat and has prebiotic properties, and dissolves easily. Being an additional sugar in industries where the sweetener is already used, inulin can be found in natural supplement products, chocolate, animal food, condiments and the pharmaceutical industry.

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