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SIMSA brings Organic Royal Quinoa from Bolivia

The exhibitor will bring to BIOFACH AMERICA LATINA 2017 - BIO BRAZIL FAIR 2017, organic royal quinoa produced in Bolivia in accordance with the highest industry standards and support of internationally recognized certifications.

SIMSA will participate at Bio Brazil Fair to search new consumers in Brazil, during the event the company presents: Organic quinoa grain, Organic quinoa flour, Organic quinoa flakes and Organic quinoa cereal.

Quinoa is the most complete natural food known to man, it has qualities superior to those of cereals and grasses, it is a rich source of vegetable protein and minerals, ideal to replenish calcium ad vitamins. It is versatile, convenient and nutritious food ideal for those that follow a vegan and gluten free diet.

SIMSA, has organic certifications NOP, EU, and recently BR - Lei 10.831, other certifications kosher KLBD, Non GMO.

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