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Flo Trading brings the most exciting organic flavours from the Andes

The exhibitor will bring to BIOFACH AMERICA LATINA 2017 - BIO BRAZIL FAIR 2017, Premium Superfoods produced in Peru, Bolivia and Chile in accordance with the highest industry standards and support of internationally recognized certifications.

Flo Trading Company delivers the best certified organic “SuperFoods” from South America to the Organic Food Industry. We specialize in selling superfoods exclusively from the Andes Region,. Our hearts are not just in the nutritious and flavourful foods we provide but also in the rich and beautiful countries that they originate from. We pride ourselves in being a business that provides expert knowledge and top quality service to our customers and to the hard working farmers who grow these products.

Flo Trading Company ensures that integrity, responsibility, and trust are engraved into every step of the process.

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