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Osondoson combines tradition, taste, and 100% organic products from South Korea

Founded in South Korea, Osondoson is a company that specializes in organic, fermented food products. The goal of Osondoson is to promote a long and healthy life through 100% organic, Non-GMO food.

Osondoson is a registered certified organic food processing company. We are managed by an international organic food inspection institute and we adhere to the highest standards of organic food processing. As a HACCP certified company, we are under the strict supervision of the Food Safety and Drug Administration to produce 100% organic food products that are safe and beneficial for you and your family’s health.

Our products have proven to have almost miraculous health benefits. Our reputation has spread throughout South Korea due to evidence that our products have contributed to the outstanding recovery of patients suffering from illnesses such as ADHD, atopy, diabetes, and even cancer.

Here at Osondoson, we are strong supporters of the “Land Saving Movement to Protect Our Earth.” Since our humble beginning in 1994, we have always meticulously selected only the finest ingredients that are 3-free (pesticide-free, herbicide-free and fertilizer-free) to use in our food products.

We believe that “Osondoson” is a name that instils trust and confidence. Regardless of the time or place, our food products may always be depended on to be 100% organic and rich in nutrients.

Our food philosophy at Osondoson is strongly rooted in our traditional fermentation techniques that have been developed for many generations. After much research, we discovered that the nutritional value of unprocessed ingredients increases dramatically through proper fermentation techniques. Proper fermentation allows for the increased absorption of nutrients without placing any burden on the body.

As specialists in the art of organic fermentation, we here at Osondoson are constantly developing new fermented food products that promote the effective diffusion of nutrients to your cells and improve your body’s ability to cleanse toxins.

Many may ask, “What can we do to improve our polluted and contaminated environment for our future generations?
When confronted with this predicament, our answer is simple. As the current owners of our Earth, it is our responsibility to initiate change. We can start today. We can start with the basic necessities. We can start with food.

For Osondoson, this means doing our part by producing only the finest organic food products. This process starts with the best organic ingredients we can cultivate. These raw ingredients are meticulously selected and carefully processed. We conscientiously monitor the fermentation process until it reaches the optimal levels of nutrition and balanced flavor.

Here at Osondoson, we strive to promote a healthy, organic diet so that our future generations and the future owners of our Earth may continue our legacy and help protect our planet, to live happy and healthy lives.

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