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Alce Nero, Italian Organic Farmers since 1978

Alce Nero will bring to BIOFACH AMERICA LATINA 2017 - BIO BRAZIL FAIR 2017 the excellencies of Italian Organic productions such as semolina pasta, tomato sauces and extra virgin olive oil; the most important and typical foods of the Mediterranean diet.

Alce Nero is a brand of more than a thousand organic farmers and processors who have, since the 1970s, striven both within Italy and farther afield to produce delicious, healthy, and nourishing food that comes from agriculture that respects the land.

We are an Italian food company and we do our best to enhance the quality, identity and uniqueness of our products, always doing so in an innovative, dynamic and efficient way. We are farmers and processors. Together we grow, harvest, produce and offer real food to our customers. We are working for the development of a responsible and sustainable economy which in turn encourages a new way of eating and living.

The raw ingredients used in our products are free from chemical residues. These ingredients are obtained organically and processed using technologies which protect their nutritional and organoleptic integrity.

Our Italian organic products, of which there are nearly three hundred, are simple and everyday grocery items: pasta, rice, tomato pulp and sauces, extra virigin olive oil, cereals, legumes and puréed soups, biscuits and fruit juices, fruit jams and honey, as well as vegetable drinks and a baby-food line which is entirely dedicated to the early childhood years. As well as our fair-trade organic goods — delicious products that come from our Latin American producing partners — include coffee and tea, chocolate and cocoa, cane sugar and Basmati rice.

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