Lemberona provide organic and Fairtrade certified, first class quality products

 Lemberona provide organic and Fairtrade certified, first class quality products

Lemberona, in partnership with small farmer groups around the world, provide over 800 organic and Fairtrade certified plant based products. A wide selection of these products will be on display at the show.


Lemberona are participating in Latin America for the first time and want to create partnerships for the distribution of many specialist products.  Products for retail sales are provided in the Pearls of Samarkand brand, as well as Vitarona, which consists of a range of cleverly developed powder blends.

All products are available in 5kg bulk options too.

Sun-dried pitted sweet and sour cherries from the Samarkand region of Uzbekistan.  These cherries are wild-harvested and sun-dried using solar energy which runs the entire production facility which has a zero carbon footprint.

Pomegranates from the village of Verganza near Samarkand have an incredibly high ORAC value.  As well as the pomegranate seeds, there is whole fruit powder and juice powder available for a wide variety of uses.  Verganza is a very primitive village that has used the Fairtrade premiums to build a tea-house (village hall) and trading post, in addition to irrigation systems for the plantation.

Almond flour made from organic Fairtrade almonds is widely used in baked goods all across Europe and North America. Lemberona have a wide selection of gluten free flours made in in dedicated GF factory in Vienna, Austria.

Seabuckthorn is often referred to as the “Most Complete Botanical known to man”, due it’s complex composition.  Uzbek seabuckthorn even have Human absorbable Vitamin B12 (for vegans) and over 10% Omega 7.  Available in dried berry format or powders.

A selection of high quality oils including Macadamia (Omega 7 source), Cherry Seed, almond, walnut, and apricot kernel.

A large range of dark skinned berries, including bilberries (European blueberries) elderberries, black mulberries, blackcurrants and aronia berries are supplied by Lemberona.  All these berries have anti-cancer fighting properties due to their high antioxidant levels.  All available in powder format as well as dried berries.  Raspberry and strawberries also available.

Vitarona’s range of powder blends can be taken as a smoothie ingredient or just sprinkled on cereals or desserts.  The range incorporates some 40 ingredients in 6 different combinations called - Daily Greens, Supergreeens, Revitalise, Boost, Resistance and Superfruits.