Biovipp marketing and export of German and Spanish bio-organic products

The Biovipp exhibitor will bring to  BIO BRAZIL FAIR 2019 the chance to know three main companies in the Bio-organic food sector. And the chance to give companies to export this products with the lower cost possible.


BIOVIPP will participate at Bio Brazil Fair to search for new consumers in Latin America, and helping them in all related to logistics, including searching for best export and import prices. During the fair, the company presents three main companies of the Bio Organic sector.


-SOL NATURAL: will be represented in BIO BRAZIL FAIR 2019 with its best products, and  philosofy, wich is, the consumption of organic products, is the way to take care  of what matters most to everyone:  Our health and the health of the planet.


-BARNHOUSE: German bio organic company created in 1979 in Munich, will be represented in BIOFACH AMERICA LATINA 2019. BARNHOUSE has the best Krunchys and other breakfast cereals,with a lot of passion and love for the product, with a 100 % organic principle,without flavors or additives.


-BIOVIPP: will bring the chance to export for wholesale organic food and superfood.Bulk ingredients for organic and conventional food products.