AMA Time, food in its purest form

Committed to future generations, the environment, and healthy eating, AMA has different juices and purees made with organic fruits and vegetables, sold in bulk, copacking, and retail products in pouches for purees, and bottles and tetrapak for juices.


In AMA we transform 100% organic fruits and vegetables into juices and purees, delivering food in its purest form. By not concentrating the ingredients, we preserve the aroma, color, texture, and, most importantly, the majority of the nutrients from the fruit. Additionally, all of our products are free of added sugars and water, and there are no preservatives, added flavors, colors, or additives.

We are certified organic for different markets like Europe, USA, China, and Chile. We are also BRC certified, obtaining the highest rating, and the majority of our products are also kosher. 

Annually, we export more than 20,000 tons of purees and juices in 220 kg drums, positioning ourselves as the largest producer of organic purees and juices in the southern hemisphere. We supply the principal food companies in Europe, Asia, and North America. Our retail products (juices in tetra pak and glass, and purees in pouches) can be found in the principal supermarkets and shops of Chile, and are exported to China, South Korea, and Puerto Rico.